• Security Policies

    Sex Offender Information

    Illinois state law requires all sex offenders to inform the College within 3 days of registering for classes or accepting employment from an institution of higher learning.  To be in compliance, sex offenders must complete an ISP 5-695 form in Student Development and Counseling. 

    If a student discloses as a sex offender at any L&C location, those students are directed to the administrative assistant in Student Development and Counseling to complete the Registration Form ISP 5-695.  Once completed, she faxes the registration to the State Police.  Continuing students must complete the Registration Form ISP 5-695 every semester before advising/registering in Student Development.  A new Registration Form must be completed when the student graduates.

    Information regarding Illinois Sex Offenders is available through the Illinois State Police website. The Illinois State Police provides an on-line listing of sex offenders required to register in the state. The database is updated daily and has several search features. The link below allows users direct access to the Illinois State Police database.

    Daily Activity Logs

    The Lewis & Clark Community College Campus Safety Department daily logs are available for viewing. The daily logs contain all reported crime on campus and daily security activity. The logs are available by contacting the Campus Safety Department. If the information within the activity logs would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim and is prohibited by law, the information would not be released. Other issues which would delay the viewing of the activity logs would be an ongoing criminal investigation, the safety of individuals, or protection of evidence.

    Information for Reporting Crimes or Assistance

    The Campus Safety Office is located at the north entrance of campus and is staffed 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. The office can be reached by any campus phone by dialing "2300" or off campus at (618) 466-2300. The Campus Safety Office is alerted of all 9-1-1 calls as received by the Madison County 9-1-1 service. The Director of Campus Safety & Risk Management may be reached at (618) 468-3160 or by mobile phone at (618) 581-6371. To report a crime or criminal activity, contact the Campus Safety Department or the Director of Campus Safety.  The campus provides counseling services for victims or witnesses of crimes. Counseling services may be reached through the Campus Safety office or by dialing direct at (618) 468-4125. All services through the Campus Safety & Counseling departments are confidential. Additional safety information is published in “The Trail Blazer: A Campus Guide for Students, Faculty & Staff”. This book is published annually and distributed semi-annually to all registered students.

    Campus Safety Educational Programs

    Additional security information including safety tips is available by contacting the Director of Campus Safety.  This information includes services provided by the Campus Safety Department, Student Development and Counseling services, outside agencies, periodic displays, and forums. Additional information available by contacting the Associate Vice President, Capital Projects and Campus Operations at or (618) 468-3100.