• Proctoring at L&C

    Proctored testing for L&C students is available on a walk-in basis at the Godfrey campus, in Haskell Testing Center.  All other centers are by appointment.

    Please note that testing must be completed in one sitting.

    To Take a Test

    1. Speak with your Instructor about having your make-up test proctored at a testing center.  Make sure to get a specific date/time that the exam will be ready.
    2. Arrive at the testing center with a photo I.D.  If you do not have a photo I.D., you will not be allowed to test.  There are no exceptions to this rule.
    3. Know your course number and your Instructor’s name.  Your test cannot be located without this information.
    4. Depending on the length of your test, plan to arrive at the testing center early enough to allow yourself enough time to complete your test.  For example, if you are allowed two hours to complete your test, you must arrive at the testing center no later than two hours before closing.
    5. You will have to place your backpack, books, paperwork, food, drink, all electronic devices, and all other personal items in a locker or at the front of the testing room.  These items are not allowed at the testing desk.
    6. Children are not permitted in the testing center.

    Testing Accommodations

    A student may request noise reducing headphones to block out noise distractions or to use an upright computer.  Students with documented disabilities will need to contact Student Development to arrange further accommodations at (618)468-4121.

    Third Party Proctoring

    If You Are a Lewis and Clark Student Needing to Take a Test at Another University:

    1. Request approval from your L&C instructor to take a test at an alternate site.  
    2. Reach out to the other University in order to get contact information for their Testing Center.  Once you have this, you will need to provide this information to the L&C Assessment Center and your instructor.
    3. Fill out the Student Proctor Agreement and send to  You will also need to ensure that the Third Party Proctor Agreement is completed by the designated proctor.  
    4. Once you hear from the L&C Assessment Center and your instructor that your testing site has been approved, it is your responsibility to make an appointment with the alternate site by the exam’s deadline.  Make sure to check with the other University to see if there is a proctoring fee.  The other University will handle sending the exam materials back to L&C. 

    *If you have an accommodation card, make sure that your instructor knows what accommodations you will need for the test in order to ensure that the other testing site can grant the accommodation. 

    **If you need help locating an alternate testing site please contact the Haskell Assessment Center.

    If You Are a Student From Another University Needing to Take a Test at L&C:

    1. Make sure your Instructor knows that you need to test at another location, and reach out to the testing center at your University for more information.
    2. Once L&C has been approved as a proctor, call us at (618)468-5232 or email to schedule an appointment by your exam’s deadline.
    3. Arrive early for your exam and bring a valid photo I.D.  Also note that L&C does charge a $15 proctoring fee payable by cash or check only.