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Instrumentation and Control Systems

The Instrumentation and Control Systems program combines theory and hands-on training with state-of-the-art instruments, working processes and computerized control systems.

Students learn to install, test, calibrate and maintain instruments that measure, indicate and control variables such as pressure, flow, level, density, temperature, force, vibration and chemical composition. Students apply math concepts, physics concepts and industry standards to realistic situations encountered on the job. Additional instruction includes updating system documentation and building or modifying specialized systems to solve problems in measurement and control.   The courses prepare students to maintain, repair, and troubleshoot instruments and control systems in industries that increasingly rely on automation. These professionals may also be referred to as instrumentation and electrical technicians, instrumentation technicians or instrumentation and controls technicians.  They may work with automated equipment in manufacturing or assembly plants, waste water treatment facilities and nuclear power plants to measure and monitor operational functioning.


Instrumentation and Control Systems | AAS degree
Instrumentation and Control Systems | Certificate of Proficiency


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Instrumentation and Controls Systems
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Instrumentation and Control Systems | Certificate of Proficiency

Instrumentation and Control Systems - Certificate of Prof