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Business Technology

The Business Technology program incorporates the necessary technical, people, communication and workplace skills desired in today's offices.

You'll work with the same type of equipment and software currently found in most high-tech offices and develop the techniques that help you build a successful career.

Office workers are addressed by different titles. An administrative assistant may also be called a secretary, office support person or office professional. The Business Technology program is designed for students who wish to prepare for positions as professional office workers. 

Whatever your title may be, L&C's program will ensure that you can wear many hats and have the technical skills to succeed.

Office professionals perform a variety of clerical duties and assume some administrative duties to keep an office running efficiently. Duties may include: keyboarding, formatting and composing documents; creating and maintaining spreadsheets, databases, and presentations; handling oral, written, and electronic communications; scheduling appointments; organizing and maintaining computer and paper files; screening and making telephone calls; welcoming visitors; making travel arrangements; planning meetings; and transcribing dictation, as well as maintaining a cooperative work environment.

In addition to a solid background in business technology skills, employers look for a good command of the English language, good interpersonal skills, good organizational ability, and the ability to move often from one task to another. Students who enroll in the program should possess the manual dexterity and physical abilities to perform the necessary office duties.


Business Technology - Administrative Assistant | AAS degree
30 and Out option
Business Technology - Administrative Assistant | Certificate of Proficiency

Ask about Keyboarding/Formatting Proficiency Information (OTEC 120).

Note: OTEC classes taken longer than five years prior to graduation must be retaken or a proficiency test passed to insure that the student has retained his/her knowledge from the class.

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Business Technology - Associate in Applied Science

Administrative Office Assistant AAS
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    • Complete at least 3 credits from the Math/Science course options or choose MATH-112 with a C or higher