• Reporting Crime, Incidents or Concerns

    Crime Reports

    To report a crime or criminal activity, call Security at (618) 468-2300, dial “2300” from a campus phone or use one of the blue security phones in the parking lot. When there has been a crime on campus, L&C will send a Security Alert to campus email addresses with safety tips and other instructions as needed. Security Alerts will additionally be posted to this page in a timely manner.

    Incident & Concern Reports

    To report a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, or report concern about a student, fill out our online report so that the issue can be investigated and addressed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

    Concerns may arise from/include, but are not limited to:

    • Strange behavior/appearance, such as mood swings, social isolation and/or intimidation to others
    • When a student tells you about a significant issue such as a loss, relationship problems, problems of abuse or legal problems