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  • 2019 Garden Show

    SENSE-sational Blooms is an interactive feast for the senses, with pocket gardens representing touch, sight, sound, smell and taste.

    Among the eight pocket gardens, roughly half are interactive exhibits involving one or more of the primary senses. The interactive displays draw guests in and encourage visitors young and old to engage with the plants and props to create an overall immersive experience.

    Sensational-Blooms Garden map

    SENSE-sational Blooms is the Monticello Sculpture Gardens’ 7th annual curated garden show. Previous shows have included Bicentennial Blooms (2018), Solar Flair (2017), Gardens through the Looking Glass (2016), Garden of Eatin’ (2015), Bee-Dazzled (2014), and Menagerie in Bloom (2013).

    The gardens will be open for self-guided tours from June-August. Guided group tours are also available during the college’s regular business hours.

    For more information or to schedule a group tour contact Horticulture Manager Ethan Braasch at

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