• Scholarships

    Lewis and Clark Community College, the Lewis and Clark Community College and Monticello Foundations, the Lewis and Clark Faculty Association, and other public and private organizations offer a variety of scholarships to assist students with funding their education.  Listed below you will find various Lewis and Clark Scholarship opportunities and links to other scholarship sources.

    What's available?

    Lewis and Clark's scholarship application process is now completely online.  


    The following applications need to be filled out separately:

    • Phi Theta Kappa Board of Trustees Scholarship - Lewis and Clark Community College students who are members of the Phi Theta Kappa Chapter at L&C can apply for this scholarship.
    • Lewis and Clark Faculty Association scholarships - Awarded to students selected by a faculty committee. These scholarships are not affiliated with the Financial Aid Office and must be applied for separately.
      • Academic Excellence Scholarship - A $500 scholarship ($250 fall semester and $250 spring semester) intended to encourage excellence and enterprise among students with a grade point average of 3.5 or higer. Applicants must have completed 24 or more credit hours of L&C coursework and be enrolled at least half time (six hours or more) each semester. Two letters of recommendation, preferably from an L&C faculty or staff member (although one recommendation may come from a high school instructor if you graduated high school within the last year) are also required. This scholarship is not automatically renewed each academic year. Students need to reapply.
      • Chris Sutcliff Memorial Education Career Scholarship - Formerly known as the Education Career Scholarship, this $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a continuing or returning baccalaureate degree candidate pursuing a career in education. The award is given each year to the four-year institution attended by the recipient. To be considered, you must have a GPA of 3.0 or over and have completed 24 or more credit hours of L&C coursework. Two letters of recommendation, preferably from L&C faculty or staff members, are also required.
      • Lewis and Clark and Monticello Foundation scholarships
      • L&C Olin Minority Scholarship - A L&C and Olin Corporation partnership offers scholarship opportunities to students from ethnic minority groups pursuing degrees in Business, Engineering or Technology. Recipients are announced at the annual Silver Medallion Academic Excellence Banquet each spring.
      • Department scholarships - Many L&C departments offer their own scholarships for students studying in a particular field or program. Information about these scholarships is available in our current catalog
      • UMSL and L&C Community College President’s ScholarshipDeadline: Friday, Oct. 2, 2015 - Lewis and Clark Community College students who plan to transfer to University of Missouri – Saint Louis may receive tuition and mandatory fees for up to 15 credit hours in each of the fall and spring semesters and up to 5 credit hours in one summer. It may be received for up to two years, not to exceed 60 credit hours. To be considered, you must have a GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, have applied for graduation with an Associate in Arts (A.A.) or an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree and have received the degree before starting at UMSL, be admitted to UMSL for fall semester by March 20 or for spring semester by Oct. 15, and be nominated by L&C. L&C will select three nominees and submit their applications to UMSL. UMSL will choose one of the three L&C nominees to receive their Community College President’s Scholarship.

    Illinois Scholarship Programs


    National Scholarships

    L&C is able to nominate two students for each of the two prestigious national scholarships listed below. Each L&C nominee continues the competition on the national level with students from all 50 states.