• Center for Access and Accommodations

    The Center for Access and Accommodations provides comprehensive services for students with a documented need for academic adjustments or accommodations, including students with a learning difference(s). These support services include assistive technology, such as screen readers, continuous speech recognition, enlarged text, large monitor and alternative input devices; as well as career exploration and continuing education classes.

    Request for Accommodations

    We also offer services for students with intellectual disability/developmental disability (ID/DD) not typically served at a community college. View our full program brochure or read more about Supported College Transition and College for Life below.

    Preparing for College for Student with Accessibility Needs

    See this checklist for students who plan to attend L&C

    Supported College Transition Program

    The Supported College Transition program (SCT) was designed for students with little mainstreaming experience in high school and with the academic preparation that indicates they can be successful in smaller sections of college developmental courses (Reading, English and Math) with the additional support provided by a Study Skills class and a college transition class. SCT courses are college credit courses which are eligible for federal and state financial aid.

    College for Life Program

    For those students with need for academic adjustments or accommodations who have had few inclusive experiences in high school or who choose not to seek a college credential, the College for Life program not only provides courses that continue the educational experience, but it also provides inclusive social growth opportunities on a college campus.


    Illinois Statewide Transition Conference

    Hearing/Visual Accommodations

    Students with hearing or visual access needs should notify the Center for Access and Accommodations at least 30 days prior to the first day of classes to ensure that necessary accommodations can be arranged.

    Assistive Technology Lab

    L&C's Assistive Technology Lab provides computer workstations equipped with screen readers, screen magnification/enlargement software, dictionaries, speech recognition, outlining/brainstorming software, talking calculator and alternative input devices. Please contact us to make an appointment.

    Instructional Staff

    Katelyn Baalmann Instructor
    Randi Bailey Instructor
    Nicole Busler Instructor
    Krista Clayton Instructor (618) 468-4137  
    Teri DeWerff Instructor (618) 468-5503
    Katie Dixon Instructor
    Regina Edwards Instructor  
    Sharon Hopkins Instructor
    Brandy Kribs Instructor (618) 468-4118
    Maria Macias Instructor
    Ann McLaughlin Instructor   aemclaughlin@lc.du
    Penny Noble Instructor
    Alexandria Vlahos Instructor (618) 468-4136