Earn Credit As You Master Skills

Lewis and Clark now offers competency-based education (CBE) degree pathways, which award college credits for mastery of skills rather than time in the classroom.

Currently offered in our Welding Technology program alongside a traditional credit-hour pathway, CBE offers additional flexibility for students, allowing them to work on their own time and at their own pace to comprehend the course material and practice their skills. Instructors often facilitate and guide learners through the material, as well as evaluate their progress. 

Rather than completing a course in 8 or 16 weeks, you complete a course when you've demonstrated a mastery of a clearly defined set of competencies (skills) associated with that course.

Often, our CBE students can move through their program at a quicker pace, especially if they already have some knowledge or familiarity with the subject. Competency-based programs can recognize prior learning regardless of where, when, or how that learning took place.

Classes enroll every four weeks. 

Lewis and Clark is working on additional CBE pathways in other programs, including Information Technology. To learn more, contact us at (618) 468-4931.