Help with Textbooks and Classroom Materials

The Perkins Student Support Project provides services designed to help students in career programs successfully complete an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, Certificate of Proficiency (CP), and/or Certificate of Completion (CC) in their chosen career field, so they may enter the workplace in that field after program completion or transition to advanced training in that career field at a four-year institution.


Students who have officially declared a career program major (Associate in Applied Science or certificate programs) and have a high school diploma, completed a State of Illinois High School Diploma (formerly GED), or are currently documented students enrolled in the Adult Education Department’s ICAPS program, may be eligible for direct services from the Perkins Student Support Project. Eligibility is determined by the Perkins Project Manager (Caldwell 2337, (618) 468-4020); the manager is also the provider of these services.

Direct services may include the loan of a laptop computer or webcam, required career-specific textbooks or the provision of some required career-specific supplies/materials; the student’s major determines which service is provided.

Career Program students with one (or more) of the following traits may be eligible for the loan of required career-specific textbooks or the provision of some required career-specific supplies/materials:

  1. Economically Disadvantaged: receiving financial aid based on need (Pell Grant, MAP Grant, SEOG, WIOA, and/or Public Assistance such as a medical card or LINK (must be in the student’s name and documentation presented)
  2. Single Parent: have at least partial custody of a child/children; single pregnant women are included in this trait
  3. Nontraditional: a gender-based trait; someone who is in a career program in which 25% or less of his/her gender is employed in that career field
  4. Out-of-Workforce Individuals: someone who has never worked outside the home, taking care of the family and relying on a spouse/partner for all income OR someone who is unemployed or underemployed and cannot obtain gainful or upgraded employment due to the lack of or diminished skills and training
  5. A Youth, 21 years old or younger, who is in or has aged out of the Foster Care System
  6. A Youth, 21 years old or younger, in a Military family with a parent on active duty
  7. A Homeless Individual: someone without a regular, fixed, and adequate nighttime residence 

The Perkins Student Support Project also provides eligible students with the Perkins & Transfer Transition and Recruitment Coordinator (Baldwin 2405, (618) 468-2730). The Coordinator helps students find and access other College and community-based resources to help meet school and life needs. Career program students wishing to borrow textbooks or receive supplies/materials, are required to meet with the Coordinator prior to those services being provided.


Mentoring for Nontraditional students (a gender-based classification, see above) may be established upon request; students make such requests to the Perkins Project Manager.  All efforts will be made to fulfill such requests.


The Perkins Student Support Project does not provide funds or monetary loans to students for, tuition, fees, transportation expenses, child care, background check fees, physicals and vaccination costs, program testing fees (during the program or after completion for licensure/certifications), general education texts or supplies, or reimbursement for any purchases made by a student (this list is not exhaustive).

Other Services

The College provides services for:

  • Students with a documented need for academic adjustments or accommodations, including students with a learning difference(s) may seek accommodations from the Center for Access and Accommodations in Fobes 1523.
  • English Language Learner students may enroll in free English as a Second Language classes.  For more information, visit the Adult Education Department at SBC 219 in the Scott Bibb Center.
  • All students may take advantage of the Career Resource Center (Trimpe 251 and the N.O. Nelson Center) when seeking employment opportunities, needing assistance with resume writing, interviewing skills, and/or career exploration.
  • All students needing academic assistance may use the services of the Student Success Center.