Culture of Shared Leadership & Teamwork

For more than 50 years, Lewis and Clark Community College has continued the tradition of excellence in higher education we inherited in the transition from Monticello College in 1970, but we've also strived to innovate in our own right. The college has: 

  • Made strong investments in flexible, new course modes and efforts to expand higher education access
  • Reorganized areas of the college to streamline and enhance our ability to focus on supporting student success
  • Celebrated new fundraising initiatives aimed at sustaining and growing the college’s impact
  • Reimagined our curricula to ensure we're meeting the needs of our constituents and today's workforce
  • Forged new partnerships with influential leaders throughout our communities to ensure we are serving our district at the highest level possible.

Lewis and Clark is building a culture of shared leadership, offering opportunities for team members and students to lead from where they are, and contribute what they can to make Lewis and Clark the best it can be. Our executive team and administration seek to support those efforts and help guide the college to continued success in the future.