Not Your Typical Honors Experience

L&C Honors CollegeThe L&C Honors College provides an opportunity for students with outstanding potential to enhance their college experience through honors courses, service and social opportunities, and undergraduate research.

The focus of the Honors College is on the humanities using the definition from the Illinois Articulation Initiative as follows,

“ What it means to be human – the struggles, aspirations, comedies and tragedies, and achievements and failures of human beings. The humanities wrestle with the basic questions that confront all humans in the course of their lives – identity, beauty, courage, love, truth, justice, and morality; and examine the dreams, traditions, and cultural expressions of peoples through time who have wrestled with these same questions.”


  • Honors credit hours
    • Recorded on transcript
    • Transfers to many 4-year honors programs
  • Small cohort of peers
  • Semester-long library checkouts
  • Honors students are assigned a librarian
  • Limited discounted housing at Trailblazer Commons
  • Access to the HC Lounge
  • Recognition at commencement
  • Possible Honors scholarships available through LC Foundation
  • Guaranteed Phi Theta Kappa Membership ($80 value)
  • Possible Phi Theta Kappa travel opportunities
  • Internship offers from National Great Rivers and Education Center (counts for two course contracts)

Honors Curriculum

Contract Courses

Students choose a course they are already registered in to do Honors level work, contingent upon instructor and HC committee approval. Possible project ideas could include a service-learning project, job shadowing or creating a public art display.

Campus Life

For those wanting an on-campus living experience, discounted student housing at Trailblazer Commons is available for students accepted into the Honors College program on a first-come, first-served basis. Students living at Trailblazer Commons have quick and easy access to nearby dining, grocery and shopping establishments, as well as L&C’s on-campus events and amenities. Learn more at In addition to L&C Student Activities events, Honors College students will have the opportunity to attend additional field trips and activities and gain special access to guest speakers, special presentations and exhibits on campus.


All Honors College students will receive a special honors designation at Commencement and on their college transcript.

Annual Tuition & Fees Comparison 

Paying for College

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