Health and Wellness are a Priority at L&C

There are a number of physical and mental health services available to the Lewis and Clark community, including the Paul B. Hanks Dental Clinic and student counseling and nursing services.

The Family Health Clinic closed its doors on June 30, 2023, but the college will continue to offer first aid and nursing services on campus for students and team members. 

Available Services

  • Nursing services for first aid treatment of injuries/illnesses
  • Courtesy notification to instructors for ill students or students who have other emergencies and are unable to attend classes
  • Delivering emergency messages to students

Emergency Services on Campus

For emergency illnesses or injuries, a registered nurse is on duty. The nurse may be called to your location to assist and determine proper care for your injury/illness in an emergency if needed. In case of an emergency, dial "2300" for the Security Office from any campus phone. 

Any injury or illness requiring hospital or emergency room care will be initially evaluated by the nurse, and an ambulance may be called for transport if other arrangements are not appropriate or able to be arranged.