Restoration Ecology

There is a growing need for training in restorative ecology in natural areas, wetlands and urban environments.
Restoration Ecology

Students in this program will learn to repair damaged land, habitat and ecosystems, and to manage these sustainable environments.

Combining restorative ecology skills development with general education courses gives students a firm foundation in basic academic skills as well as skills that are critical to work in the emerging field of restoration ecology.

Students will learn how to inventory natural areas; replant natural areas by designing, establishing, and managing native plant communities; develop and maintain wetlands and create green spaces in urban settings by establishing and cultivating urban gardens, using green roofs and walls, rain gardens, and bioswales.

The curriculum places emphasis on development of a common set of skills centered on environmentally, economically and socially sustainable practices, as well as the acquisition of critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills.


Restoration Ecology | AAS degree
Restoration Ecology | Certificate of Proficiency
Green Roof Specialist | Certificate of Completion
Storm Water Management | Certificate of Completion
Sustainable Urban Horticulture | Certificate of Completion

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Restoration Ecology

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Storm Water Management

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