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Criminal Justice

You can study the causes of crime, as well as the workings of the criminal justice system (police, courts and corrections) and the law in society.

Is the evidence in? Is it backed by forensics or is it circumstantial? What are the constitutional limitations on criminal investigations and surveillance? How is the corrections system administered in America? What are proper courtroom procedures? What are the most effective patrol operations during civil disorders or natural disasters? To find answers to these questions and more, turn to L&C’s Criminal Justice program.

You’ll also share current criminal justice related news and discuss dispute resolution, drugs and crime, child abuse and neglect, gangs, policing, crime theory and private security.

Perhaps you are an employed law enforcement officer, a court, corrections, probation, parole, or private security officer who wants to upgrade your skills. Or perhaps you are a pre-service criminal justice officer wannabe. This program welcomes both levels of experience and has two levels of entry for those dedicated to serving and protecting the public.


Criminal Justice | AAS degree
30 and Out option
Criminal Justice | Certificate of Proficiency

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Criminal Justice AAS

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