• L&C Honors College

  • L&C Honors College

    Get the experience of a four-year university for one-third the cost by enrolling in this selective admissions program, which challenges high potential, transfer-bound students and enriches their collegiate experience.

    HCIR Student Symposium

    L&C Honors College logo The L&C Honors College provides an opportunity for students with outstanding potential to enhance their college experience through honors courses, service and social opportunities, and undergraduate research.


    • Honors credit hours
      • Recorded on transcript
      • Transfers to many 4-year honors programs
    • Small cohort of peers
    • Semester-long library checkouts
    • Honors students are assigned a librarian
    • Discounted housing at Trailblazer Commons
    • Access to the HC Lounge CW-3337
    • Yearly “Staycation” over spring break
    • Recognition at commencement
    • Honors scholarships


    One Program: Two Paths

    Honors Scholars

    Best for students planning on spending two years at L&C.

    • Complete 15 credit hours of Honors level work
      • Six credit hrs in Honors seminars
      • Nine credit hrs in contract courses
    • Present at the annual Honors Exposition

    Honors Fellows

    Best for students already enrolled at L&C or those who do not intend to spend two years at the college.

    • Complete at least three credit hours of Honors level work
    • Attend at least four Honors College events
    • Present at the annual Honors Exposition

    Honors Courses

    Honors Seminars

    These are predesigned courses meant to enrich the student’s knowledge of our culture. They include HUMN 133 - History of Riverscapes (3 credit hrs) and SOSC 133 - River in Social Context (3 credit hrs).

    Contract Courses

    Students choose a course they are already registered in to do Honors level work, contingent upon instructor and HC committee approval. Possible project ideas could include a service-learning project, job shadowing or creating a public art display.

    Campus Life 

    For those wanting an on-campus living experience, discounted student housing at Trailblazer Commons is available for students accepted into the Honors College program on a first-come, first-served basis. Students living at Trailblazer Commons have quick and easy access to nearby dining, grocery and shopping establishments, as well as L&C’s two on-campus dining areas. Learn more at In addition to L&C Student Activities events, Honors College students will have the opportunity to attend additional field tips and activities and gain special access to guest speakers, special presentations and exhibits on campus.


    All Honors College students will receive a special honors designation at Commencement and on their college transcript.



    Who Should Apply?

    Honors Scholars: Recent high school graduates with a GPA of 2.7 or higher, who have demonstrated potential for success in a higher education setting, may be a good fit for this program. 

    Honors Fellows: Current L&C students or students who do not plan to spend two full years at L&C with a GPA of 2.7 or higher, who have demonstrated success in a higher education program, may be a good fit for this program.

    Admission will be determined based on a selective admissions process - including a personal essay, letters of recommendation, admissions interview and high school transcripts. 

    Apply early - selection begins March 1 and limited spots are available.

    To become a part of the Honors College at Lewis and Clark:

    1. Apply to L&C and receive your Blazernet login info. Current and dual credit students need to contact the IT helpdesk at (618) 468-4357 to receive their Blazernet ID.
    2. Apply for financial aid by filling out the FAFSA.
    3. Prepare a 500-word essay on “how your surroundings have helped shape your identity and your sense of place.”
    4. Request at least two high school counselors or teachers send a reference form or letter of recommendation to Jenn Cline at (download form).
    5. Apply to Honors College (You will be asked to submit your essay, so have your essay ready when you apply).
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    New Students


    New and Current Students

    Financial Aid   

    • 51 percent of students receive some type of financial aid at Lewis and Clark 
    • Students receive approximately $14 million annually in aid, loans and scholarships 
    • Typical scholarship amounts awarded range from $500 - full tuition and fees

    Types of Financial Aid Available:

    • Grants 
    • Student Loans 
    • Work Study Opportunities 
    • Scholarships   

    How do I apply for aid?

    • As early as Jan. 1, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at, using L&C's school code: 010020. 
    • Wait for an award letter or for further instructions from our Financial Aid department. 
    • Accept your financial aid in Self-service


    Select scholarships are available for qualifying Honors College students.  Other numerous scholarships are available for a wide variety of students, based on more than just grades, through the Financial Aid office, Lewis and Clark Community College Foundation, and other public and private organizations. 

    Visit and click "Apply Now." Using your BlazerNet ID and password to log into our database, you only need to fill out a single application to apply for all eligible scholarships. The application period is typically November - March, with awards given in the spring.