L&C’s radio station WLCA 89.9-FM is an award-winning student-run radio station in the St. Louis market. What better place to learn?

What you are studying in class you are practicing at the station on our state-of-the-art computerized digital production equipment— from day one until graduation.

You become a staff member, assuming the same responsibilities as in a commercial station. One day you will work as an announcer, another as a newscaster, or a copywriter or a producer or manager. In time, you’ll do it all.

Your courses will include media regulations and issues, audio board operations, news writing and editing, announcing news, sports, weather and features, radio drama, voice and articulation, broadcast script writing, interviewing, advertising and consumer behavior and video production. You'll cap your experience with a 16-week internship at a local commercial broadcasting radio station. You can also work at the L&C reading service for the blind.

Demand is especially high for graduates with sales experience who want to become account executives as well as in small to medium size radio markets for newscasters, announcers and writing/production personnel. Jobs in allied fields include program production companies, ad agencies, station sales rep firms, trade associations, broadcasting publications, universities and government.

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  • Digital Streaming and Broadcast Media | AAS degree
  • Digital Streaming and Broadcast Media | Certificate of Proficiency

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