Are you a naturally gifted caregiver who is great with children?

L&C offers a way to put your talents into action helping a whole generation of children grow in stature from early childhood through school age.

All our instructors have master’s degrees and are experienced in teaching young children. Our full curriculum includes child safety and welfare, cognitive and social growth, physical skills for strong and healthy children, plus training in the whole range of administrative responsibilities, and an on-site internship.

L&C prepares you for a variety of levels of employment: as a teacher and assistant in childcare programs, nursery schools or preschools, Head Start programs and school age programs, and as an aide or paraeducator in the public schools.

Our AAS degree specifically prepares you to serve as director of a child development program while meeting the educational requirement of the No Child Left Behind law.

L&C can assist you in reaching whatever career levels you are seeking in child development. They all count.


  • Child Development | AAS degree
  • Child Development | Certificate of Proficiency
  • Early Childhood Level 1 | Certificate of Completion
  • Early Childhood Level 2 | Certificate of Completion
  • Early Childhood Level 3 | Certificate of Proficiency
  • Illinois Director | Certificate of Completion
  • Infant Toddler Level 2 | Certificate of Completion

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*This is only meant as a guide. Please see an advisor when planning your courses.

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