Computer graphics are everywhere - in print, on the web, in the movies, television, games, corporate branding, advertising and more.

Images are digitally manipulated by a skilled computer graphics pro who works digital magic, changing the shape of an object (modeling), changing the motion (animation), or creating an image of an object (rendering). 

It’s all possible — and vital — to the thriving fields of marketing and entertainment.

L&C's Graphic Design program encompasses desktop publishing and digital photography as well as 3D image manipulation, to prepare you for work in the field.

We offer different computer graphics tracks for your level of interest and availability. At the most committed level, you can go for the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree. This program immerses you in all things digital – in computing, multimedia applications, design and illustration, video and audio, graphics, interactivity, image manipulation, page layout, electronic prepress, web design and web technology.

Other tracks focus on a particular area of the field. Either way, find your niche in this lucrative market. The first step is just a few clicks away. 

Program students should make an appointment with their instructors prior to enrolling for classes each semester.


  • Graphic Design | AAS degree
  • 30 and Out option
  • Graphic Design | Certificate of Proficiency
  • Graphic Design | Certificate of Completion
  • Animation | Certificate of Completion
  • Digital Publishing | Certificate of Completion
  • Photography | Certificate of Completion

See the catalog for the course and degree information
*This is only meant as a guide. Please see an advisor when planning your courses.

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