The oil refining industry offers high-demand and equally high-paying positions for process operations technicians, and L&C offers one of the top venues in the country for expert training in this field.

L&C’s process operations technology program was developed in collaboration with Phillips 66 in Wood River, Ill., and in consultation with the Center for the Advancement of Process Technology in the Gulf Coast region and the Sigma Aldrich partnership, which resulted in a professional and focused plan of study. Completion of the program will provide a high probability of placement as a process operations technician within the process industry.

Process technicians learn how to operate furnaces, distillation columns, reboilers, heat exchangers, steam systems, and cooling-water systems — the essential elements of all process industries.

With degree credentials and supervised on-site internship experience in hand, you will qualify for a career in the nationally critical field of petroleum refining, oil and gas production, petrochemicals production, biochemicals production, base chemicals production and power generation. And your employment opportunities as a process operations technician will be expansive — within the region and across the nation.


  • Biochemical | AAS degree
  • Bioprocess | AAS degree
  • Petroleum | AAS degree
  • PTEC | Certificate of Proficiency
  • Bioprocess| Certificate of Completion

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