L&C High School Partnership

What if you could earn credit toward your high school graduation and college degree simultaneously? With L&C's High School Partnership dual credit program, you can.

Through a joint agreement with our district high schools, we are able to offer qualified students the opportunity to take transfer courses and/or career-occupational courses for free through this program.  


Dual credit courses are offered at a reduced rate, which is significantly less than traditional college tuition and fees. You'll get acquainted with college-level work and gain a better understanding of what's expected in a college course, all from the comfort of your high school, under the instruction of a high school teacher.

The college credits you earn may be transferable to another college or university, which means dual credit can save you money. Depending on where you transfer, dual-credit courses will transfer as core requirements or as electives, so you'll want to check with your future school. In general, to learn more about how credit transfers between colleges in Illinois, visit www.itransfer.org.

How to Enroll

To enroll in most High School Partnership courses, you must score appropriately on the reading comprehension portion of the College Placement Test. (Some courses also require a sentence skills test and/or a math test). This multiple-choice test is administered online and is scored immediately. Most students complete the test in less than an hour.

Your Grades/Transcript

The grades you earn in dual credit courses are recorded on both your high school and L&C transcripts. You may have your transcript sent to colleges or universities of your choice at no charge. For more information about transcript requests, call the Enrollment Office at (618) 468-2222.

Withdrawal Dates

If you decide that you do not want college credit for your course for whatever reason, you may withdraw with a “W” on your transcript by the withdrawal date. Withdrawal requests MUST be made in writing. See your teacher for a withdrawal form or call the L&C  Enrollment office at (618) 468-2222 or any of the Community Education Centers.

Guidelines for Dual Credit

Instructors must be qualified, whether they are high school or community college teachers. Transfer course instructors must have a master's degree in the discipline area and career/occupational instructors must have baccalaureate degrees in the discipline and related work experience.

Students must meet all college criteria and follow all college procedures for enrolling in credit courses, including taking necessary placement tests.