Given the growing diversity of our nation and the continuing globalization of our economy, Lewis and Clark Community College (LC) has a responsibility as educators to prepare all of our team members for success in this environment. Diversity, in its highest form of expression, welcomes the unique perspectives of all individuals and all racial, ethnic, and cultural groups. A free and respectful exchange of ideas and perspectives can lead to important insights and lend credibility and integrity to decision-making processes. Ultimately, diversity and inclusion promote greater tolerance, respect, empathy, and a deeper understanding among people of different racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

We believe that individuals who appreciate and understand the intrinsic value of diversity and who know how to communicate effectively in a diverse environment have a distinct advantage over those who do not. It is clearly in the best interests of our team members to learn how to communicate in multicultural settings. As educators, we can facilitate this learning by exposing all team members at LC to cultural differences, to a range of ideas and perspectives, and to experiences that reflect and embrace the diversity of our nation and world. We support and encourage all team members in their efforts to expand and optimize the quality of diversity events and experiences provided.

LC is committed to diversity, both on principle and as a practical concern, for the success of our students, many of whom either do or will live and work in diverse communities. Our commitment is supported by our related policies on harassment and discrimination, affirmative action, equal employment, diversity, equity, inclusive excellence, and anti-racism, and on the treatment of protected groups. And, it is firmly grounded in our core values of respect, compassion, service, integrity and responsibility. We recognize that statements can be meaningful, but committed, consistent, and ongoing action are the only tools that lead to positive change.