Inclusive Excellence at Lewis and Clark Community College recognizes that our ability to successfully advance the College’s mission and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence (DEI) Blueprint depends on how fully we value, engage, and include DEI with all of our team members. Inclusive excellence supports the advancement of cultural awareness, cultural competency, and cultural sensitivity to build global understanding. Through our commitment to build a culture that appreciates DEI, we pledge to:

  • Operationalize DEI in our processes, policies, and procedures.
  • In curriculum, use a pedagogy that serves the needs of all students and supports their engagement with subject material and diverse perspectives.
  • Inclusive excellence, in our daily operating practices, aims to integrate our efforts in intentional, ongoing DEI education, engagements, events, activities, committees, and trainings.

LC strives to provide a welcoming community that engages diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence at all organizational levels. We respect each team member of our College and community. We ensure opportunities to understand and include diverse perspectives and experiences are provided.