L&C Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Lewis and Clark Community College is an achievement-driven institution, thoroughly dedicated to student success and the continuing quality of life and prosperity of the communities we serve.

As an institution, we believe we have shown remarkable agility and adaptability in response to new and emerging challenges and opportunities over the years, and we are confident that we will be able to continue doing so moving forward.

The College’s Strategic Plan is grounded in four key directions (KDs):

  • KD1: Expect Enrollment and Retention Improvements
  • KD2: Invest in Program and Curriculum Development
  • KD3: Build a Transparent and Inclusive Campus Culture
  • KD4: Broaden Community and Educational Collaboration

Each direction comprises a list of measurable aspirations, or goals, that will be led by interdepartmental mover teams charged with moving the college forward. Progress toward those goals will be tracked and reported to the L&C Board of Trustees biannually, in a public forum.  

The full strategic plan is available ongoing in the Lewis and Clark Board of Trustees online library.  

L&C’s Strategic Plan was born out of a team effort, led by L&C leadership and incorporating feedback at every level from all Lewis and Clark Community College stakeholders, including team members, students, and community members.

For more information, contact the President’s Office at (618) 468-2001.