St. Louis Confluence Fab Lab

The St. Louis Confluence Fab Lab at Lewis and Clark Community College is a place that exchanges knowledge, ideas and resources to collectively empower people of all ages and backgrounds to experiment and invent new products to solve real-world problems at local, national and global levels.

3D printed oblject made at the Fab LabThe Fab Lab is comprised of industrial-grade design, fabrication, finishing and assembly tools for many different materials and processes. This 5,000-square-foot lab is open to faculty, students, businesses and community members to explore, innovate and bring their ideas to reality. As part of an international group of labs piloted by MIT that share the same values and tool sets, users of the Fab Lab can share knowledge with a global network of makers.

The St. Louis Confluence Fab Lab can serve the needs of educators in need of lab space for courses, inventors needing to prototype a design, clubs needing to produce something tangible, businesses needing to produce a part for verification and fit, and individuals wanting to build but unable to buy the necessary tools.

There are classes and degrees available for students to learn how to create and use a space like this.