L&C has released the Safe Return to Campus Plan and some on-campus student service are resuming. Check for details.

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    The Enrollment Office is open for in-person, virtual or phone advising by appointment only, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Schedule an appointment at, via email at or call (618) 468-2222. You can also Register online, 24 hours, 7 days a week, using Student Self Service,

    L&C's Academic Advisement provides individualized enrollment assistance to help you choose the program and courses that best fit your goals.

    Our professional, on-campus advisors will meet with you to discuss your education and career plans, past records, College Placement Test scores, college transcripts and other available resources. Then, you and your advisor will develop an educational outline adapted to your individual needs, abilities and interests. Academic advisors also provide prospective students with general information related to admissions at L&C.

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  • Meet our Enrollment Center Staff

    Our Mission: The academic advising department at Lewis and Clark Community College provides advising that fosters individual development and learning while treating each student with compassion and respect. As Lewis and Clark advisors, we aspire to serve students in an effective and collaborative manner by providing the knowledge, tools and resources to foster student success and help students achieve their goals.

    Enrollment Managers

    Delfina Dornes Delfina Dornes
    Director, Enrollment and Advising
    (618) 468-5200
    Ryan Hodge Ryan Hodge
    Assistant Director, Admissions and Records
    (618) 468-5120
    Heidi Plunkett Heidi Plunkett
    Registrar, Enrollment Center
    (618) 468-5110
    Katie Kessler Katie Kessler
    Assistant Director, Academic Advisement
    (618) 468-5250

    Academic Advisors - Godfrey

    Randy Martz Randy Martz
    (618) 468-6230
    Call for availability
    Ann Wilson Ann Wilson
    (618) 468-5255
    Last name starts with A-D
    Book an Appointment  
    Sami Ursch Sami Ursch
    (618) 468-5254
    Student Athletes
    Last name starts with E, N-Q
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    Alex Ferguson Alex Ferguson
    (618) 468-5253
    Last name starts with F-K
    Book an Appointment
    Matthew Murphy Matthew Murphy
    (618) 468-5256
    Last name starts with L, R-S
    Book an Appointment
    Rhonda Hampton Rhonda Hampton
    (618) 468-5257
    Last name starts with M, T-Z
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    Academic Advisors - N.O. Nelson

    Cathy Laramee Cathy Laramee
    (618) 468-5856
    A-L within zip codes 62025 and 62034
    Tim Bell Tim Bell
    (618) 468-5855
    M-Z within zip codes 62025 and 62034

    Academic Advisor - Jerseyville

    Photo Coming Soon Heather Amburg
    (618) 468-2274
    Zip codes 62016, 26027, 62031, 62045, 62047, 62052, 62053, 62054, 62065, 62070, 62078, 62082, 62092
    Please call the Enrollment Center at (618) 468-2222 or the Tri-County Community Education Center at (618) 468-2273 to make an appointment.

    Academic Advisor - Carlinville

    Kelly Wilson Kelly Wilson
    (618) 468-2276
    Zip codes 62016, 26027, 62031, 62045, 62047, 62052, 62053, 62054, 62065, 62070, 62078, 62082, 62092, 62009, 62020, 62023, 62033, 62068, 62079, 62085, 62093

    Academic Advisor - East St. Louis Higher Education Center

    LaVeasey Carter LaVeasey Carter
    (618) 468-4011
    Please call the Enrollment Center at (618) 468-2222 or the East St. Louis Higher Education Center at (618) 468-4010 to make an appointment.