Get Inspired & Have Some Fun

Our personal enrichment courses can help you explore new interests, develop skills, make new friends who share your interests and enrich your life.

Personal Finance

Do you have questions about retirement, Medicare or balancing a budget? We offer classes that can help you navigate all of the information and simplify the financial process. Some classes even offer the opportunity to create individual solutions for each participant.

Creative Arts

Channel your inner artist. These classes can help you learn camera basics or let you experience the artistic medium of your choice. 

Computers and Technology

Computers are an integral part of our everyday lives. Classes can include basic computing skills, cyber safety awareness, security or computer software. These are great for beginners or those wishing to refresh their skills.

Home Improvement

Home ownership can prove challenging. Today there are energy saving options and smart technology to consider. Classes are available in basic repairs, rental property ownership and living off the grid.


Why not take a class for fun? Whether you enjoy ballroom dancing, horseback riding or anything in between, we have a class for you.

Health and Fitness

Physical activity is key to improving and maintaining one’s health. We offer classes for participants of all skill levels including low-impact workouts. Check out Nia® Fusion fitness for a sensory-based workout that will ignite your mind and body.

Online Classes

Let’s face it. Your life is busy and you don’t always have the time to attend a weekly class. Online classes offer instructor-facilitated courses that can be accessed from home or work at your convenience. New courses start monthly so there is always something for everyone.