For more than 40 years, Lewis and Clark Community College has strived to provide quality educational opportunities for an affordable price. While we have grown and improved over the years - adding buildings, programs, numerous outreach initiatives and more - we remain focused on empowering the community.

A recent economic impact study focused on the contributions of Lewis and Clark Community College to its district residents, students and the State of Illinois, revealed that the college is a great investment for all three stakeholder groups. Lewis and Clark enhances the local economy through local purchases, including wages paid to faculty and staff; through the spending of students, some from outside the region; and through the increase in the skill base of the local workforce.

Lewis and Clark is also committed to improving the health of the environment. L&C has partnered with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Prairie Research Institute’s Illinois Natural History Survey to form the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center. NGRREC is an innovative center for research, education and outreach located near the confluence of the Mississippi, Missouri and Illinois rivers in East Alton, Illinois. NGRREC’s scholars and scientists study the ecology of the big rivers, the workings of the watersheds that feed them, and ties to the river communities that use them. NGRREC aspires to be a leader in scholarly research, education and outreach related to the interconnectedness of big rivers, their floodplains and watersheds and their associated communities.

Lewis and Clark Community Colleges will remain focused on determining our community's needs and addressing them, whether the needs be related to workforce training, education, sustainability or other issues.