To some, it marks the end of a college experience. To others, it's a new beginning - either at a new school or in the job market. Discover what Commencement means to you.

53rd Annual Commencement

6 p.m., Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Ann Whitney Olin Theatre, Hatheway Cultural Center

L&C photographers will be on-site during Commencement, capturing candid photos and graduate snapshots. These high-resolution images which will be available for free download on the college's Flickr page,, within 2-4 weeks of the ceremony.


The Graduation Process

What you need to graduate:

  • See our Academic Calendar for graduation application deadlines, and meet with your faculty advisor (or an advisor in the Enrollment Center) before that date.
  • Complete the course requirements listed on your official graduation evaluation. (PLEASE NOTE: After completing this application procedure, you will not receive any further correspondence from the college regarding degree or certificate requirements. It is your responsibility to complete these requirements. If you fail or withdraw from any required course, contact the Registrar in the Enrollment Center immediately to change your graduation date.)

Any exception or waiver of these requirements must be approved by the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Other Important Graduation Information

After the semester in which you plan to graduate ends, the Enrollment Center will certify your graduation. Your transcript will be updated to show your degree, and your diploma will be pre-dated. You will be informed by L&C email if the Registrar is unable to certify your graduation. If the problem can be resolved, your graduation will be certified; otherwise, you will need to let the Registrar know when you will complete the requirements. Your file will remain inactive until you have enrolled for all courses required to complete your degree and contacted the Registrar.

If you need any waivers or substitutions, it is your responsibility to contact your coordinator and make sure the proper forms are initiated and processed. The Enrollment Center will send you a copy when the process is complete.

Graduates will be notified through their LC email when diplomas are ready.