L&C Paralegal Program Coordinator Becky Gockel and students, Audrey Gorline and Gabriel Calixto, meet in a Madison County courtroom. Jan Dona, L&C Marketing & PR.

GODFREY – With increased local demand for paralegals, Lewis and Clark Community College is doing what it can to fill those positions by offering all Paralegal program courses in an eight-week format over the 2023 Summer semester.

This is the first time all the program’s online classes have been offered in an eight-week format during the summer.

According to Program Coordinator Becky Gockel, some of the classes don’t require prerequisites, such as Bankruptcy Law, Wills/Trusts and Estate Law. These courses may be of interest to community members, even if they are not legal professionals. These and other summer courses, such as Family Law and Torts, are potential continuing education opportunities for paralegals who wish to expand their areas of specialization.

“Some of these classes are now open to people who aren’t even in the program,” she said. “I have someone taking the Wills class this semester because she works for an attorney who’s starting to take on probate cases. That allows her to meet the needs of the firm and their new clients.”

For students who want to pursue a career track, L&C offers a Paralegal Associate of Applied Science, a 30-and-Out option for those who already have an associate degree or higher in any course of study, or a certificate of proficiency. 

All Paralegal classes are now offered online, with summer eight-week classes starting June 5.

For more information on L&C’s Paralegal Program options, contact Gockel at (618) 468-4538 or bgockel@lc.edu.

To enroll, call or text the Enrollment Center at (618) 468-2222, or email at enroll@lc.edu.

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