Earn Your Diploma on Your Way to a Career

Lewis and Clark Community College's Adult Education division offers opportunities for those without a high school diploma as well as for those who struggle with reading or math through Career Pathways programs. These programs put students on a pathway to a career. Depending on the career pathway, many options allow students to earn college credit while obtaining their Illinois High School Diploma (formerly GED®).

L&C offers these exceptional programs to help accelerate students’ opportunities for getting their Illinois High School Diploma and move right into whatever training is required to access their chosen career path.

Students attend Access Academy – a 12-hour (one-week) orientation course – where they learn about themselves, their career interests, and the training they will need to get there. From there, they enter Pathway Readiness – a 36-hour (three weeks) course where they learn how to navigate the next steps on their pathway. They will learn strategies such as: staying motivated, budgeting, time and stress management, and will develop their specific training/college schedules. They will then attend training/college with the support of Pathway Advocates, who will be their personal navigator as they move through their pathway. Some pathways, like Truck Driver training, take as little as twelve weeks, while others could lead to an Associate’s or even a Bachelor’s degree. When students are ready, they will even get help finding work!

What are you waiting for? Start down the path to your college education today!