i-Pathways/ Online High School Diploma

i-Pathways provides students online instruction in Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Basic Writing, Basic Math, and Consumer Education. Individuals are afforded the flexibility of mobile-ready curriculum accessing i-Pathways at their convenience via the internet.

i-Pathways offers self-directed and organized individuals the opportunity to receive mobile-ready curriculum completely online or through a combination of in-class and online Illinois High School Diploma instruction.  Students also can print off lessons from practice test to use to assist in further preparing to take the Illinois High School Diploma (formerly GED®/High School Equivalency) exam.   

Am I eligible? Yes, if:

  • You are 16 years of age or older.
  • You have Internet access.
  • You have difficulty attending virtual or in-person classes.
  • You can devote at least 6 hours a week to study.

i-Pathways is a program that students must request during orientation.   Orientation will be held at one of the L&C campus locations. Instructors make the final decisions on who is eligible and most likely to be successful to take online instruction, based on information gathered during the orientation process.