Earn Points for Your House

Born out of the college’s strategic plan, the KD Cup (short for Key Direction Cup) was created to encourage camaraderie and team building through friendly competition and play. It is a major initiative of Key Direction 3, which is to build a transparent and inclusive campus culture.

Though we’re all TraiIblazers, we also belong to a “house” – students, faculty & staff. Each house (yep, just like Hogwarts) will compete in a variety of contests to earn points throughout the academic year.

Individuals can earn points for their house by participating in contests or attending contest events. The house with the most points at the end of the year will be awarded the KD Cup at the State of Trailblazer Nation in May 2024.

Contests & Events

Date Event
10/13/23 Kick or Treat Kickball Tournament
11/17/23 Turkey Day Scavenger Hunt
12/1/23 Holly Volley Holiday (Volleyball) Tourney
12/15/23 Trivia Tangle
Weekends in Dec. Hiking Through the Holidays (attendance bonus)
2/2/24 For Love & Dodgeball Tourney
3/1/24 Trivia Tangle
3/22/24 Blazer's Egg Hunt
5/6/24 State of Trailblazer Nation