Exercise Science

“Fit” is in. It’s the operative word in today’s wonderful world of wellness - especially in light of the rising “unfit” problems of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The fit field grows bigger and bigger every day, not just to serve the ailing, the injured and the athlete in training, but also the regular Joe or Jane striving to manage weight or build a better body. Is this the field you want to play in?

If so, the L&C exercise science program may be just right for your academic study and career prep. You can train to become a personal trainer or practitioner in fitness centers, sports medicine, rehab facilities, as well as corporate, commercial and hospital settings.

Fitness professionals’ responsibilities vary by the job. These can include assessing cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and muscular strength and endurance, as well as designing individualized fitness and rehabilitation programs, monitoring progress during programs, analyzing data from clients and educating about fitness, nutrition, ergonomics and demonstrating exercises.

At L&C you’ll study anatomy and physiology, nutrition, kinesiology, psychology, biomechanics and other health-related areas. Theory and practice come together and your capstone experience is a supervised practicum that includes internships at selected health facilities. At the end you will be ready to take a national certification examination.


Exercise Science | AAS degree
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