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Since an organization requires its many parts to function well, one of the keys to being successful is good management.

Good management keeps all systems flowing and in sync. Whether you are interested in industry, business, nonprofits or government or in starting your own enterprise, management is all about the people factor. Leading a team. Pulling people together. You get that right and the company flourishes, the bottom line increases.

Great managers are, after all, great leaders. Great managers can make great companies. At L&C you will study the fundamental components of management: accounting, financial management, statistics, software applications and computer technology, as well as economics, communications, quantitative business methods, marketing and human resources.

Our programs offer you multiple routes to enhance your career. The AAS degree program in management is for more intensive study. The AIM Program at L&C is an accelerated track for working adults. The 30 and Out AAS degree program is an option for those who have already earned an associate's or bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.

The nine certificate programs are focused on specific areas of interest within the greater management field.

Wherever you are, whatever your goal-promotion to the next level of management or entering the business world or strengthening your own company- there is an open door for you at L&C.


Management | AAS degree
30 and Out option
Management | Certificate of Proficiency
Agriculture | Certificate of Completion
Entrepreneurship | Certificate of Completion
Finance | Certificate of Completion
Human Resources | Certificate of Completion
Logistics | Certificate of Completion
Marketing | Certificate of Completion
Operations | Certificate of Completion
Real Estate Brokerage | Certificate of Completion
Small Business | Certificate of Completion
Social Media Management | Certificate of Completion

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    • Complete at least 3 credits from the Management elective course options