Work on Campus & Earn Money for School

Work-study programs allow students to earn money for educational expenses by working on campus. Student workers typically work 10-20 hours a week, with the number of hours mutually agreed upon by the student and the college. Unlike other forms of financial aid, work-study wages are paid directly to the student, not credited to that student's account.

Types of Work Study

Federal Work Study (Need-Based)

Federal Work Study is an employment program funded by the federal government. Students must qualify for this program on the basis of financial need as determined by their FAFSA. They are paid minimum wage, and the average workload usually cannot exceed 20 hours per week. Students must be enrolled in at least six credit hours each semester to be eligible. 

Institutional Work Study (Not Need-Based)

Institutional Work Study is not based on financial need. Students may participate if enrolled in at least one credit hour in the term for which work is performed. Students are paid minimum wage and the workload can be up to 20 hours per week.

Job Listings

Apply for Work Study

To apply for a Federal or Institutional Work Study job, you must complete the application below. Please indicate on the application which position you are applying for. Once your application is submitted, it will be sent to Kathie Allen in the Financial Aid Office for review. After review, the application will then be transferred to the departmental supervisor, and that supervisor will contact you if they are interested in conducting an interview.

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