• President's Office

    Rich traditions and historic events have helped shape Lewis and Clark as a premier institution of higher education, and we continue to pay homage to our unique history.

    Our beautiful campus was once home to Monticello College, an institution established in 1838 and focused on providing educational opportunities for underserved people in the region. We have taken great pride in preserving not only the buildings, but also the grounds that once echoed the thoughts and rhetoric of great educators who have helped strengthen education in this region. 

    This connection to our past fosters an appreciation for the historic figures who made meaningful contributions to higher education in our region such as:  Captain Benjamin Godfrey, Monticello Principals Harriet Haskell and Philena Fobes, Architect Theodore Link, Artist Frederick Lincoln Stoddard and Philanthropist William H. Reid.  

    President2017What all these historic figures shared was a vision for what our region could become through higher education. Today we continue to celebrate the achievements of these great historic figures and their boundless aspirations and expectations for our region, which we carry on by preserving Monticello College facilities and adapting them for the noble missions and aspirations of Lewis and Clark.