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  • L&C Strategic Plan

    Lewis and Clark Community College is an achievement-driven institution, thoroughly dedicated to student success and the continuing quality of life and prosperity of the communities we serve.

    As an institution, we believe we have shown remarkable agility and adaptability in response to new and emerging challenges and opportunities over the years, and we are confident that we will be able to continue doing so moving forward.

    Our Process

    We recognize, among others, these key planning assumptions …

    • Contentious political environments at both the federal and state levels will increase the risk of budgetary constraints.
    • Competitive grant environments point to restricted funding and increased competition resulting in greater importance on collaboration and partnerships.
    • District infrastructure projects indicate near-term construction jobs and long-term logistics jobs.
    • Demographic and enrollment statistics indicate flat to moderate growth in area high school enrollments.
    • Increased economic and quality of life demands in rural and urban areas of the district will increase the need for more services.
    • Regional employment rates indicate flat or moderate declines in non-traditional aged enrollments.

    With those in mind, we follow this strategic planning cycle:

    L&C Strategic Planning Cycle

    The Plan

    We have identified the following key strategies for L&C’s success:

    • Create a culture of inclusiveness for students, faculty and staff.
    • Improve student academic success.
    • Create a culture of data-driven decision making.
    • Develop quality, relevant curriculum.
    • Create a culture of institutional quality and effectiveness.
    • Increase the level of public engagement.
    • Expand research in education, river ecosystems and the humanities.

    At any given time, we have a number of strategic projects taking place on campus, which are managed by our Strategic Planning team and tie into one or more of our key strategies.

    For more in-depth info on those strategies and projects, view Lewis and Clark’s Strategic Plan in full.