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  • Financing your L&C Education

    Depending on your academic and financial status, you might be able to get monetary help to attend college through scholarships, grants and/or loans.

    Cost to Attend Lewis and Clark

    District residents can get a great education and save money when they attend Lewis and Clark Community College, whether they plan on getting a degree, transferring to another institution or taking just a few courses.

    Visit current tuition rates and fees.

    Need Financial Assistance?

    1. Apply for admission to Lewis and Clark.
    2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), using the school code for Lewis and Clark, 010020. Hint: The best time to fill out the FAFSA is as soon as possible after Oct. 1 for the following academic year.
    3. Look for a Student Aid Report (SAR) to be sent to your email account or mailed to your home address.
    4. If no further information is needed, L&C's Financial Aid Office will calculate your estimated award package, and you will receive an award letter in the mail.
    5. Accept your awards via Self-Service Financial Aid Awards. Note: You must be enrolled in an eligible degree or certificate program, and you must be enrolled in classes required for that program to receive financial aid.

    Contact Financial Aid

    L&C’s Financial Aid Advisors can assist you through the entire Financial Aid process. From filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to navigating the steps to take after LC receives your FAFSA information, we’re here to help!


    For general Financial Aid questions, please contact us at or call (618)468-2223.

    For specific questions related to your Financial Aid status, please contact your advisor below.

    Financial Aid Managers

    Angela Weaver
    Director, Financial Aid
    (618) 468-5300
    Fax: (618) 468-7188

    Caitlin McLaughlin
    Assistant Director, Financial Aid
    (618) 468-5310
    Fax: (618) 468-7313

    Financial Aid Receptionist

    Kendra Roberts
    (618) 468-5315

    Financial Aid Advisors

    Shanika Huddleston
    Last name starts with A-E
    (618) 468-5316
    Fax: (618) 468-7312

    Mary Kate Terry
    Last name starts with F-K
    (618) 468-5314
    Fax: (618) 468-7314

    Sarah Albright
    Last name starts with L-R &
    VA School Certifying Official
    (618) 468-5312
    Fax: (618) 468-7172

    Kathie Allen
    Last name starts with S-Z
    (618) 468-5311
    Fax: (618) 468-7311

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I register for classes before my financial aid is processed?

    A: Yes, students can and should register for classes before their financial aid is processed.

    Q: When can I buy books with my financial aid?

    A: Students can begin charging books to their financial aid awards two weeks before classes begin.

    Q: When will I receive my financial aid disbursement?

    A: Financial Aid refunds are tentatively scheduled to be mailed in the sixth week of each term.

    Q: Is financial aid available for summer classes?

    A: Yes, Pell Grants are available, beyond the yearly maximum, for summer courses.

  • Important Dates and Deadlines

    Eight week Summer Semester

    GED Graduation

    Registration for Winter, Spring and Summer is open

    Labor Day holiday (campus closed)

    Veterans Day holiday (campus closed)