GODFREY – Lewis and Clark Community College experienced an increase in enrollment this spring for the first time since Spring 2016.

"It is definitely due to everyone’s hard work that we are experiencing an increase in total student enrollment and headcount,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Cherise Jackson. “In addition to new strategies we have deployed focused on recruitment efforts, efforts aimed at retaining students and supporting them through their academic journeys toward graduation are also playing an important role in our overall increases in enrollment."

Enrollment Overview Spring 2023.pngAs of Feb. 6, total student headcount was up 9.6 percent to 4,007 students, with total credit hours up 5 percent to 32,869. Of the college’s student body, there are currently 2,444 students (up 5.2 percent) taking 24,776 credit hours (up 3.2 percent) at Lewis and Clark, and 1,563 dual credit students (up 17.3 percent) taking 8,093 credit hours (up 10.9 percent) at their high schools through L&C’s High School Partnership program.

While full-time students (those taking 12 or more credit hours) actually decreased 3.1 percent, part-time students are up 15.7 percent to 2,852, taking 16,061 credit hours, an increase of 12.8 percent over last spring.

Online headcount and credit hours were also down, potentially from more students coming back to campus, Jackson said.

College leadership presented a new Enrollment Management Plan to the Board in December, with many of its strategic efforts focused on creating access points for students and removing barriers that stop them from pursuing and achieving higher education, said L&C President Ken Trzaska.

Two of those efforts are an evolution in flexible course formats like Blendflex and an investment in Competency-Based Education, which will measure student learning and success based on skills outcomes rather than seat time in classes.

“Our latest enrollment numbers at Lewis and Clark Community College make me proud and reflect the tremendous commitment and perseverance of our team of professionals,” Trzaska said. “The college has undergone tremendous change in recent years, and I want to thank our community, our students and everyone who has stayed committed to the important work we do. We are optimistic and look forward to years to come of continued advancement and growth.”

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